maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2016

Final seminar

Promoting Mental Wellbeing in VET- project is about to end. Final activities were carried out on 22.9.2016 when dissemination seminar was carried out in Keskuspuisto Vocational college, in Espoo, Finland. You may see the program here.

Simo Uusinoka, senior lecturer at HAMK, Häme University of Applied Sciences,
presented teacher training in Finland

Riikka Nurmi from The Finnish Aassociation for Mental Health presented
Mental Health as a resource 

After presentations four workshops were carried out:
Self-knowledge, Learning community, Emotions and interactions and Coping skills

The Dutch team carrying out workshop in Coping skills  

The Lithuanian team carrying out workshop inf Learning community 

 The Finnish team carrying out workshop in Emotions and interactions

The Project team continued working on Friday, finalizing training program and
material for the final report. 
Thank you all for participating the seminar! 

On behalf of the partner group,

maanantai 6. kesäkuuta 2016

Final steps of the project

Today, psychological distress and mental health problems are the leading cause for work absenteeism in the EU as well as a growing source of productivity loss in many EU countries. Dropping out is one of the major challenges in secondary vocational education and it has a strong association to mental health problems. 

Promoting Mental Wellbeing in VET- project  aims to tackle these themes by developing professional competence of teachers, directors and in-company trainers in promoting mental health in VET, providing concrete tools: material and methods that help students combine mental health skills with vocational skills, and which students, parents and internship companies can find beneficial.  

During this 2 year project partner have shared and developed best practices for promoting mental wellbeing. These materials are gathered in to a training program which is developed around five themes: mental wellbeing as a resource, self-knowledge, emotions and interaction, coping skills and the learning community.You may find instructions for training program and for each theme from the blog.


We would also like to invite you to dissemination seminar in Helsinki at 22.9.2016.

Registration and further information of the seminar can be found 

torstai 21. huhtikuuta 2016

Meeting in Odense, Denmark!

Project´s last actual project meeting was held in Odense, Denmars, during 7.-8.4.2016.
The theme of the meeting was learning community. In the beginning it seemed that the theme felt difficult as partners didn´t find that many best practices to be shared. However after thinking the theme through, problem was solved and we managed to gather interesting program.

In the beginning of the meeting Riikka, Anders and Pilar introduced us to the theme.They made us think and act good and bad learning community. This gave us good background information and context to the theme.

After this few best practices were shared. Riikka from Association for Mental Health introduced safety net, Pia from Keskuspuisto introduced orientation period and Jane from host organization Tietgen introduced mental wellbeing student program. After these interesting presentations we had a change to get to know the facilities of Tietgen and have mindfulness session.

At the end of the day Math Hoogakker  from M5 were telling us about bullying and prevention of it. See materials

On Friday we consentrated on putting traning program together. We brainstormed with the structure and themes.  After Friday we had clear view on the traning program which will be put together during spring 2016. After summer tranning program which may be carried out in oranizations to promote mental health issues will be available in the blog.

Behalf of the project team I would like to thank Lene, Jane and Christine for hosting our meeting!
Next time we will meet in Helsinki in final seminar on 22.-23.9.2016.
More information on the seminar coming soon!

Program of the meeting


keskiviikko 2. maaliskuuta 2016

Meeting in Bacelona!

4th meeting of Promoting mental wellbeing project was held in most beautiful city, Barcelona!
Fundacion Jesuites educacio hosted the meeting. For us, participants from the North, we had wonderful time to experience sun and summery climate once again before returning back to colder and darked autumn weather!

Besides enjoying summery weather we worked hard during the meeting! Each meeting has a theme that we cover and this time it was  coping skills. Meeting was held in a new way as we changed the program based on the assessments received from the participants. Now the meeting started with the introduction to theme provided by our psychologist Anders Blomqvist and Pilar Hernandez. This provided us further information of the theme and gave us a context for shared best practices. Structure of the meeting was success and we decided to continue with it to the next meeting as well. Besided great structure to the meeting we once again received useful information and best practices to take home with! As in all of the meetings during the project, atmosphere was wonderful and each participant actively took part in the program. I must say as a new project manager I am more that happy to work with such enthusiastic people! I can´t wait to see you all in Denmark on  04/2016!

Thank you for Bea, Pilar, Anna and Cristina for warm welcome and wonderful meeting at your organization!


Program of the meeting

Current on Promoting mental wellbeing project!

As we all know time flies! I can´t believe we are starting last part of the project!
During the project we have done a lot. Until now there have met each other 4 times: in Kick off meeting in Helsinki on 12/2014,  meeting in Dordrecht/NL on 03/2015, meeting in Marijampole/LT on 05/2015 and in meeting in Barcelona/SP on 10/2015. For now we have covered themes of mental health as a resource, self-knowledge, emotions and interactions and coping skills.

We are missing one theme of  learning community. Theme will be covered in the meeting in Odense/DK on 04/2016. Theme suits perfectly to the last actual meeting as target of the meeting is cover theme and share best practices but also develop together a training program based on all the things we have learned during the project.

Last but sure not least  final seminar will be held in Helsinki on 22.-23.9.2016. First day, 22.9.2016, is targeted to all people interested in mental wellbeing in VET. Training program developed during the project will be released and carried out. By carrying out the training program we have possibility to share proven best practices further and hope that other organization´s will benefit from them like we have!
Further information regarding the seminar will be provided soon!

Behalf of project team,
Pia Haarala
Project manager